ASTERA takes care of your smile!


ASTERA takes care of your smile!

The Astera oral hygiene brand is owned by Bulgaria’s largest cosmetics company, Aroma. The brand has a long tradition dating back to 1954. The company’s vision is to create natural products that exceed the expectations of people and help them live happier, simpler, and healthier lives.

Satelit-tbm d.o.o. distributes a wide range of Astera products:

• Astera toothpaste is designed for different tooth protections and tailored to different needs.
• Toothbrushes for children and adults that feature superior ergonomic features for better control, flexibility, and comfort. They are available in different hardness variants – soft / medium / hard.
• Baby toothpaste for different ages. They are gently cleaning baby milk teeth. Sugar-free and with attractive flavors, which children like.
• Astera mouthwash, formulated to provide protection against caries, bacteria, and various tooth diseases. They come with a variety of active ingredients for active plaque control and long-lasting freshness.
• Astera dental floss – is the perfect way to effectively clean hard-to-reach interdental areas. Regular use prevents the formation of plaque, gingivitis, caries, and bad breath.

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