Naturally caring for you and our planet.


Carefree days for the body and the environment

Founded in 1983 in the German city of Wahlstedt, the COSMEA® brand of sanitary and daily pads represents modern monthly hygiene that offers reliable quality at the highest level while saving resources. Customers have trusted Cosmea products for decades – because only the best quality prevails and remains recognizable for generations.

The guiding thought of this German brand is:
“We believe that the softest skin on your body deserves respect and protection every day.”🌸
Just like our environment.“

Special features of Cosmea cartridges:
• They fit perfectly to the body
• Designed to be flexible, they follow every movement and still stay firmly in place.
• High-performance absorbent core made of micro natural fibers
• Especially breathable
• Optimal hold, easy removal
• Silky smooth surface without plastic foil
• Dermatest certificate
• FSC certified
• Vegan
• Long-lasting feeling of freshness
• Made in Germany ⠀⠀

COSMEA® . Products that are good and do good.

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