Euro Clean

Euroclean. Cleans properly!


Effective range of daily cleaning products

Euro Clean brand is owned by the European company Clean Team d.o.o.
It is the first company to publicly cooperate with the Faculty of Chemical Technology and joint efforts to develop new products.
The full range of products is designed to meet the needs of customers for high-quality resources for cleaning at affordable prices.
7 efficient and fast cleaners make the harder part of cleaning for you.

Choose the best for yourself from the wide range of Euro Clean funds:
• Clean Grill 2.0, degreasing and cleaning agent for ovens and grills
• Clean Kitchen PLUS, cleaner for kitchen and stainless steel surfaces
• Clean CID, a mold and fungus remover
• Clean BLISS, cleaner for all glass surfaces
• Clean BATH, bathroom and toilet cleaner
• Clean FLOOREX, cleaner for all types of floor surfaces
• Clean UNIVERSAL, cleaner for daily cleaning and maintenance of furniture and offices

Get to know the power of cleaning!