Reflexx. In safe hands.


Reflexx. In safe hands.

The Italian brand Reflexx is a leader in the sale of nitrile, latex, vinyl, polyethylene, disposable and reusable gloves in Italy and Europe.

The mission of Reflexx is to provide maximum protection, constant quality, and innovative products at the best price for professional gloves.

Reflexx gloves feature:

• medical certificates (for work in dental offices, in the laboratory, and for wider medical purposes)

• certificates guaranteeing safe contact with food (for work in the hospitality industry, food processing and transformation industry, in the food sector of large retailers such as bakeries, butchers, fish markets, markets, etc.)

• certificates guaranteeing safety at work (for work in industrial activities, in households and companies for maintaining cleanliness, in the cosmetics sector, and for tattoo artists)

• maximum quality, durability, and safety of the product are the basic characteristics of these professional gloves.

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